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Welcome to the Financial Confidence Resource Center. Where you will find finance fundamentals and materials specifically catered for people living with physical disabilities. Feel the power of making confident financial decisions. Get started, today.



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Improving Credit for Financing Accessibility Equipment: A Guide for Families with Disabilities

by Andi Mayer    April 10, 2024

Learn how to improve your credit to qualify for Accessibility Equipment Loans. See how credit quality plays a role in the financing process.

Bridge to Mobility: Disability Resource Guide

by Andi Mayer    October 26, 2023

View the Disability Resource guide courtesy of Bridges to Mobility to learn of services offered by state. Vocational Rehabilitation. Financial Assistance.

How to Budget and Save on a Fixed Income

by Andi Mayer    October 9, 2023

Money saving tips for people on a fixed income who are living with a disability.

Knowing Your Rights: Hiring Process Q & A

by Andi Mayer    September 8, 2023

Navigate the hiring process. Know your rights regarding disability disclosure, reasonable accommodations, and how to best engage with potential employers.

Career Readiness: For Job Seekers

by Andi Mayer    July 28, 2023

Find disability friendly places to work with these 6 inclusive job boards.

Apply for Funding Help with Disability Grants

by Andi Mayer    April 5, 2023

View a list of grants available to people with physical disabilities across the United States. Help pay for accessibility equipment and more.

ABLE Accounts Expanded to Millions of Disabled Americans

by Andi Mayer    February 9, 2023

Millions more Americans will qualify for ABLE accounts in 2026. Congress announced the new age threshold to qualify will be raised from 26 to 46. Read the blog to learn more.

How To Ask For Funding Help

by Andi Mayer    January 25, 2023

The 4 step plan on how to ask friends and family for fundraising help with accessibility equipment purchases. 

Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle Care Guide

by Andi Mayer    November 23, 2022

Avoid expensive repairs. Save this guide to prolong the life and reliability of your wheelchair accessible vehicle. Mobility Credit Acceptance.

The Road Ahead: 7 Money Saving Resources

by Andi Mayer    September 8, 2022

Visit our money saving resource guide and plan for the future ahead.

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