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Mobility Credit Acceptance is committed alongside the FDIC to help consumers understand and access the U.S. banking system. For increased accessibility, the FDIC's MoneySmart: The Basics of Banking is available in podcast format. 

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Basics of Banking

How Having A Bank Account Protects Your Money

What A Bank Can Do For You

How To Protect Your Identity

Prepare Yourself Financially For A Disaster

When There's Too Much Debt

Checking Accounts

Opening A Checking Account

Make Deposits And Write Checks

Balance Your Checkbook

Savings/Spending Plan

Find Money To Save

Find Money To Save Part Two

Open A Savings Account

Start Investing

Borrowing Money

Decide Whether To Borrow

Be Able To Borrow

Be Able To Borrow Part Two

Choose The Right Loan

Use Credit Cards Wisely

Finance A Purchase With A Loan

Finance A Home With A Loan

Protect Yourself While Borrowing

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