How To Ask For Funding Help

With all the added expenses of living with a physical disability, there may come a time that you or a loved one will need help fundraising to purchase new accessibilty equipment. 

GRIT, an all-terrain wheelchair manufacturer of the GRIT Freedom Chair (click for more information), compiled the following tips on how to politely and effectively ask for funding assistance. 

Step #1: Prepare Before Asking for Help

Think about who you are reaching out to so you can personalize your message to them. If they are unaware of your mobility struggles help them understand your story and accessibility needs

Step #2: Start the Conversation about Mobility Equipment

Begin by sharing your mobility journey so far. Tell a specific time or situation, or your future goals that highlight why you are trying to get new equipment.

Share the impact this equipment will make, if you have a specific goal- like accessing work or a vacation with loved ones - these real examples give your audience an idea of what this means to you. 

Give helpful details of what the equipment is used for and results others have had from using this. Showing videos, photos and testimonials is a great way to illustrate the product, its functionality and impact it would have on your life.

Step #3:  Ask for Funding Help

Once the audience is informed don't forget to make an official request. Be direct and clear with instructions on how to contribute such as: what they can do now, your timeline, and where to contribute.

Start with this sample script and personalize it to fit your voice and audience.

"As you can see, getting this equipment would have a significant effect on my life. However, it’s not financially possible for me to afford the whole cost right now. Is this something you can help me with? If you purchase a gift card toward this in the next couple weeks, it would be a great help to getting me the equipment I need to be regularly active and build my strength."

Step #4: Complete the Mobility Equipment Funding Conversation

After you ask for contributions, keep in mind getting a, "no" is ok! People declining is normal and it doesn't mean they don't care. Be prepared for this possibility. Express gratitude regardless of the response you receive. 


Visit GRIT's article for detailed step-by-step instructions here.


Disclosure: This is not a paid promotion. The intention of this blog post is to spread helpful information to people living with disabilities. pc: Grit Freedom Chairs

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