Career Readiness: For Job Seekers

Are you struggling to find job opportunities that truly value and support individuals with disabilities? It's time to refresh your job search and discover disability-friendly companies that prioritize inclusivity in their workforce.

Increase your chances of being discovered by disability-minded employers eager to embrace diversity in their companies with our list!

6 Disability Friendly Job Boards: Career Readiness for Job Seekers

Ability Jobs

Post your resume on Ability Jobs, the largest job site for people with disabilities where employers search for you! With a free account, you can also search for positions and job opportunities with disability-minded employers and receive job alerts straight to your phone or email.

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AbilityLinks focuses on connecting job seekers with inclusive employers. The online community promotes networking opportunities with businesses owned by individuals with disabilities and advocacy groups to further advancing disability community advocacy.

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CareerCast Diability Network

CareerCast Disability Network provides job seekers with disabilities the opportunity to browse through opportunities that meet their specific criteria. Search based on your preferred job field, title, location, or more, this platform offers a comprehensive search experience. Discover valuable advice and tips on how to stand out to potential employers. The best part? Creating an account is completely free, allowing you to easily apply for jobs and receive updates via email or text.

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Disability Scoop

If you're specifically interested in careers related to developmental disabilities, Disability Scoop's job board is the perfect place to explore. They provide a comprehensive listing of careers in this field, allowing you to find the perfect match for your skills and passion.

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United Spinal

And for individuals with spinal cord injuries or disorders (SCI/D), United Spinal's job portal is a valuable resource. Not only will you find open job postings, but you'll also have access to incredible resources, trainings, and the option to connect with a career mentor. If you're currently employed and want to give back, you can even join United Spinal as a mentor and provide guidance and encouragement to job seekers who may be in need.

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Source America

Source America offers employment opportunities and choices for people with disabilities and veterans. Their dedicated job board gives you the tools to find the job that matches your skills and abilities, including:  career matching, resume templates, training, mentorship.

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Don't settle for a job that doesn't value your unique abilities and experiences. Take control of your job search and discover disability-friendly companies that are dedicated to fostering an inclusive and supportive work environment. With these resources at your fingertips, you'll be one step closer to finding the perfect job opportunity that aligns with your goals and aspirations.

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