Former Miss Wheelchair Rhode Island Drives The Accessibility Movement

Today we spotlight Tina Guenette Pedersen’s endurance and accomplishments. Tina has overcome extreme adversity as a 4x cancer survivor and 3x stroke survivor. In 2014 Tina had a spinal stroke while in the hospital for a minor surgery and became paralyzed. She navigates life in a wheelchair accessible van and motorized wheelchair which has opened her eyes to many accessibility barriers.

Making disability inclusion a reality 

Tina has dedicated her life to disability inclusion through her nonprofit organization, RAMP real access motivates progress. The volunteer run organization visits schools, universities, and businesses, teaching the public about life for those with visible and invisible disabilities. 

In 2018 Tina was named Ms. Wheelchair Rhode Island which spurred her mission to advocate for disability inclusion. Later that year she was appointed to the Governor’s Commission on Disabilities and voted as Vice Chair for the Commission. Tina was awarded the American Women of Service Elite Rhode Island title and was the first person of disability to compete at the National level. There she received titles including overall speech award and volunteer of the year having completed 3,500 hours of service in one year. United Way-211 Caregivers conference named RAMP 2020 Caregiver Organization of the year.
Tina hosts a weekly video podcast The Coalition - Talk Radio on Wednesdays to discuss disability inclusion topics, raise awareness for businesses and speak on accessibility resources available nationwide.
Keep up with Tina: Website  YouTube  Facebook (linked)

The purpose of this forum is to cultivate stories from extraordinary individuals from the disabled community who share life’s tests and triumphs. Through story-telling, our tight knit community can resonate daily struggles, share helpful aid resources or simply bring light to another’s day.

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