Keeping Life's Passions In Full Swing With A Physical Disability

10 years ago Craig Smith was diagnosed with a rare degenerative muscular disease. Discover how Craig remains agile as he discovers new ways to enjoy life’s passions with a physical disability.

Living in woodsy Northern Illinois, Craig  loves spending time outdoors riding bikes, especially Fat-Bikes.  As his condition slowly progresses, physical limitations present new challenges. Thanks to the electric pedal assist e-bike he was still able to go deep woods riding up until this year. Now it is too difficult to get on and off and if the bike broke it would be dangerous to attempt the trek back to his point of origin.

Rest assured Craig didn’t let his love for traversing nature fade.  With the help of a friend they built accessible bypasses and reroutes on his back yard mountain bike trails so he can navigate them safely his motorized wheelchair at speeds up to 20km/h. This hands free all-terrain mobility device, known as the Omeo, allows users to interact with the world in a whole new way using self-balancing technology.

 “I love being outside and enjoying nature, and the Omeo has kept me doing things I would not be able to do, like going for long walks and hikes fast enough to keep up with my partner, Sue, as I’m not able to walk very fast anymore.”

 In addition to his adapted outdoor recreation Craig has rekindled an old passion.

 “I am very lucky.” Craig comments, “As I lose my mobility my second passion in life, creating music (which was my first passion in life until I discovered bicycles) is becoming my first passion again…Slowly becoming disabled has been an interesting challenge as I figure out new ways to do things that were once easy. I kind of enjoy the challenge.”

 Musically, Craig tinkers with many instruments. He is mainly a singer, but also plays Mellotron, synthesizers, and dabbles with guitar. Due to a botched surgery his hand and finger dexterity has made playing keyboards and guitar more challenging. But the physical demand of synthesizers does not limit Craig from practicing his craft.

 “I’ve always loved electronic music and modular synthesizers allow me to create music without keyboards, strings or computers. I even reconnected with my friend from high school that I was in a band with, and we recorded new music in 2019, and are currently recording a new album.”

 Everyone in the physically disabled community can agree that each mobility limiting circumstance is different. Some people experience an instant loss of mobility while others have a slower onset.  Each presents physical and mental disruptions to the old way of life.  Craig proves having such limitations doesn’t mean your life stops. With creativity, innovation, and a change in perspective discovering new ways to enjoy the world becomes possible.

Keep up with Craig! His YouTube channel features Omeo videos as well as his latest endeavor, the modular synthesizer.

Tap this link to visit his YouTube channel

Tap this link to check out his latest album

 Want to learn more about the Omeo? Check out the full specs of this life changing device here.

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