"Energizer Bunny on Wheels" Battles the Healthcare Industry

When Purpose Meets Passion, 

Finding your purpose is one of life’s great joys. For some, this journey is a rocky road with unexpected hurdles. This post features quadriplegic, Ali Ingersoll, who navigates these obstacles accelerated by her positive attitude and determined spirit.

Ali Ingersoll is a woman on a mission to help others and combat the insurance industry one medically necessary case at a time.

“Following a shallow water diving accident in 2010 leaving me (Ali Ingersoll) a C6 quadriplegic, my life came to a seemingly abrupt halt. Sustaining a spinal cord injury is a devastating event, sending many down an understandably spiraling road of despair. Regardless of circumstance you can approach life in two ways; choose to be happy and make the most out of the short time on this planet or don’t. Either way - it is your choice.

After spending six years in and out of hospitals with multiple surgeries I was left with the daunting choice of how to be happy. It took years and quite a lot of soul-searching, but I decided to make the most of every moment by helping others. Self-advocacy and teaching other quadriplegics to be advocates is what really drives me; whether that be lending an ear to a new quadriplegic figuring out the ropes of being paralyzed; aiding in insurance battles and appeals to receive much needed medical equipment; or simply devising a strategy to help others achieve increased independence and quality of life.

I’m blessed with the ability to constantly keep going. I’ve been called the energizer bunny on wheels. When I decide to do something, I get it done, and will not stop until I accomplish my goal. Even if I fail, I keep trying. I live by a Winston Churchill quote, “The definition of success is moving from failure to failure without lack of enthusiasm.” 10 years after my injury I’m still smiling, energetic, and driven.

In addition to a full-time job I spend much of my day advocating for others, especially in the health insurance world. After numerous debilitating denials of medically necessary equipment I decided to stand up. Someone has to! Oftentimes it’s fruitless work battling the woefully lacking Titan called the healthcare industry, but change has to start somewhere. Unfortunately, the system is unfair but I wholeheartedly believe you deserve what you negotiate. Incredible folks are working tirelessly to improve the system and I decided to be a part of it.

Over the last year I’ve successfully won cases for a seat elevator, specialized shower chair, pressure relieving mattress, RT 300 Functional Electrical Stimulation Bike, among other pieces of equipment and currently working on a denial for adaptive exercise equipment. Every time I get a denial letter in the mail it ignites the fire inside me to push harder.

The goal is to create a roadmap for folks suffering from paralysis and other debilitating disabilities to navigate insurance companies and win medically necessary equipment. I’m working with the Christopher Reeve Foundation, United Spinal Association, SPINALpedia, and others to create a website to help folks navigate the insurance appeals system. The website will provide a library of letters categorized by medical necessity, outlining the appropriate steps to navigate each appeals process. I choose to contribute my time and effort to change the healthcare industry, to offer others increased independence, dignity, and higher quality of life.

Change takes time and I have the time it takes to change the system - one insurance denial at a time!"

Keep up with Ali : https://quirkyquad.com/

The purpose of this forum is to cultivate stories from extraordinary individuals from the disabled community who share life’s tests and triumphs. Through story-telling, our tight knit community can resonate daily struggles, share helpful aid resources or simply bring light to another’s day.

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